Friday, January 09, 2004

Don't believe everything they tell you.

Both sides.
Educate yourself.

But most importantly, make an informed decision.

That was what my chiropractor told me way back in 1993 when I explained my tears were of worry over what might happen to my son because our next stop was for his second vaccination. He had a bad reaction to the first one, and my oldest daughter was changed into a zombie for almost a week after her last one. I was terrified.

Who the hell were they to tell me I HAD to vaccinate my kids? What about all those children I had heard about in the news who died of complications and allergies to vaccinations? They won't even let your children in schools if they are not up to date, everyone knows that. Why could I not be the one to decide if MY children got their shots or not? I did not want them to become some sad statistic.

She educated me with the fact that in Ontario, the Ministry of Health has a form called Statement of Conscience or Religious Belief Affidavit that states "The requirements of the Immunization of School Pupils Act, 1982, conflicts with my sincerely held convictions based on my religion or conscience." It simply needs to be notorized and satisfies the school board as an immunization record.

Well, I researched the subject. I talked to my family doctor about it. He armed me with pamphlets and lent me one of his own medical journals so that I could see the proof for myself how completely safe and necessary vaccinations are (insert ironic scoff here).I compared that to the anti-vaccination info I gathered at the library and various book stores and walked away with a clear picture of the truth. Besides being repulsed by the list of toxic ingredients, the results of the EXACT same studies were reported different for each side. It's all in the interpetation.

I can't help wonder if doctors question or even read beyond the "final result of study" conclusion to see for themselves. I highly doubt it. I've come to regard most doctors as sheep - blindly following the rest of the flock, boldly led by wolves. It's either that or they just don't care.

I created this journal to keep track for myself all what I discover on my journey towards "the truth".

You're welcome to come along for the ride.


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