Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Simple Blasting Basics

Blasting is as easier than most people think. I believe that what makes it successful is believing that we can do it. While there are unlimited methods of blasting, sometimes it's easiest to start simple. Last summer I asked Don how he blasts and what he thinks of while doing it. He said he doesn't think anything, just sends energy from his heart to the target. When we send our energy, we have no control over how the target will react, that's up to the Operators. That made it very simple for me.

Practice on what is in front of you. It doesn't have to be a bad guy. When my kids fight, I've learned blasting them will make them laugh and giggle. Fight with the boss or wife? Pay attention to what happens when you blast. I've found the reactions are sometimes subtle but often instantaneous. When I'm being followed and blast them, they start acting uncomfortable pacing back and forth. When you start seeing 3d confirmations like those, it's easy to believe that blasting works.

Some people question if they are doing it right. Alot of people say they feel goosebumps when just starting out. You'll know you've got the hang of it when you feel the energy or see reactions.

Most of us try to get a heart feeling going, like thinking of a time, place or person that you really love. Notice how your heart tingles? Generally I do that, but sometimes I forget and just blast, like when my kids fight, and they still end up giggling. Don has said that blasting with righteous anger is sometimes required. I've found that to be true, as when being followed then watching them do their scattered brain dance while I'm blasting them.

When we get those ringing tones in our ears and blast with the intension of "return to sender" they stop immediately. Same with migraines or other such psychic attacks. Those are all confirmations.

Carol learned a technique from the dolphins to accept energy in through the crown, out through the 3rd eye, which is for increasing psychic impressions. Accepting energy from an outside higher source with unlimited supply seems to be less draining on us. I've combined the "in through the crown" and use it with "out through the heart" on many occasions.

Then there's using our imaginations. Try to picture your target and the desired outcome. There's really no limit except what your imagination can dream up.

Asking the dolphins and whales to help with our blasting has been successful for us. Some people report seeing the cetaceans immediately, even those that are not psychic.

Hope that helps to get you started.


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