Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Fort Erie

My family had an adventure of sorts a couple of weeks ago. Seems someone (something?) wasn't happy about getting gifts, courtesy of Steve, up at Fort Erie. From the time we got there until we left, we felt unwelcome, uncomfortable and watched.

We gifted most of the active towers on the way there. An interesting note, Steve and William did the highway about halfway to Fort Erie a day or two before we left. He tells me the town where he ran out of ammo. I'm still working on the skill of being able to look and tell if towers have been done. It's not always obvious, especially in the sunshine. The tingle in my left hand is more reliable. So on my journey, I'm waiting for that familiar tingle, just had 2 mild ones till I get to where he stopped, realized those are from small rooftop signals, not towers.

He didn't mention if he ended at the beginning of the town or the end. The last tingle-free towers I passed was an array of 8 HAARPs. I confirmed with him later that was indeed exactly where he left off.

It was wonderful to prove to myself that towers could be neutralized because even with all the gifting I've done, and I found out later that Steve had previously done many of the same ones, I still get tingles when I drive by some of them. I am guessing that 5 tbs are not as effective as 1 hhg or an earthpipe. Either that or they all get found? Now that I think of it, Don mentioned those spots that don't clear well may have underground bases.

We stopped to gift this one tower and discovered a muddy creek that I gifted first. Next thing I hear Jen saying "Get in the car now!" As I'm driving away she explains that she saw an etheric entity she described as heat fumes beside the car and had a distinct feeling it wanted to push me in the creek.

Later when we arrive at my dad's place, Jen spotted a van with blacked out windows spying on us through some trees from behind the neighbour's house across the street. As soon as she pointed it out, we blasted and it fled.

Since Don fried Jen's implants, she is able to see people (and alien types) as they really are much more clearly. Gotta get that girl art lessons so we can all see! She says Steve Baron is the coolest looking alien she's seen. At the beach, she spotted some spies, and a few ugly looking alien types as well. I dowsed, and we were in synch. We were a bit overwhelmed with them all there among us. Came to a point I started thinking we might be paranoid and nuts because there were so many.

One lady, (we will call her that so not to blow her cover) parked her bike just ahead of us then goes to sit somewhere else. Jen and I look at each other and say 'camera' at the same time. Jen's a bit shy but I waved and smiled sweetly.

Another guy, was just sitting in a chair staring at us. Probably a psychic. I was only able to blast him successfully from behind when I was returning from the car and he didn't see me. He got up quickly as if his butt was on fire and left immediately.

Jen spots another 'dragon lady' (who was also doing a lot of staring) drawing symbols in the sand. She tells her friend when asked, that they are clocks, which they obviously are not.

Then there was the female agent sitting behind us with 3 kids. I had a feeling they may not even be her kids, dowsed to confirm, and upon mentioning that to Jen, she confirmed that they were her nephews she was trying to pass off as her own for her cover.

We left a day early as we were out of ammo and felt uncomfortable. Last dark sider we noticed was in the car ahead of us at Tim Hortons drive-thru on our way home. I order my coffee, and hear a voice say don't drink it, it's poisoned. Of course I admonished myself, rationalizing that my imagination is in overdrive and ignore it. By the time I got home, about 2 hours later, I dived in bed and slept/threw up from both ends for the next 2 days. You better believe I'm listening more closely now.

If they want us out that bad, there must be something there they feel is worth protecting. Of course, it's an American vacation town, it could just be that American hospitality Don speaks of. Or maybe they are just getting pissed off at losing more places to hide in ;oD. Whatever the reason, I'm going back soon to finish the job.

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