Tuesday, March 16, 2004

How to combat chemtrails

Some people will testify that the only thing to do regarding chemtrails is to petition and write to government officials demanding they cease allowing them above our nations. That's a good idea for people who still believe in elected officials or think that outsiders are responsible for poisoning us from the sky.

Those of us who know it's our governments with their own agenda behind the chemtrail conspiracy have discovered a better way of dealing with them.

How about a way disperse and break up chemtrails yourself?

Go plunk "orgone generator" in a search engine. People all across the world are making and deploying them every day.

The main targets for placement of orgone is cell phone ELF towers. The negative effects of these towers are not only neutralized against harmful effects, they will then begin to generate orgone, also known as chi, or life force.

I urge you to try it before automatically dismissisng it, just to prove to yourself.


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