Wednesday, August 11, 2004

And Now, Back to the Show

On Sunday, Steve Baron invited us to meet a lady involved with crystals, Renata Katarina (apologies if I got the name wrong).

After a few frustrating delays and a headache, I wasn't sure we were able to make it. Disheartened, I decided to head out for a coffee and to be alone for a few minutes. It didn't quite work out that way as 3 out of 4 kids and the dog followed me in the car.

Our family has become more aware of our surroundings than before getting involved in this work. We are constantly spotting cars with blacked out windows and cars with no license plates. Mysteriously, there were way more of both than usual. Finally I recognized that the dark side was trying to prevent me from getting to Steve's. So of course that meant that I had to go! I called Steve to apologize for being late, turns out he has a gizmo that eliminates headaches. We dropped the dog at home and off we went.

We were greeted by an Asian fellow who just happened to be walking by as we were getting out of the car. I can't remember what he said, but he seemed focused on my son. I recall thinking he was an angel of some sort and didn't give it a second thought, until now. Hope I was right, but blasted just in case

It's such a nice feeling walking into Steve's yard with so many enlightened people and of course all that orgone. Both sides of the walkway are usually lined with a few hundred curing tbs so it resembles an orgone runway. William pointed that out once and a pigeon flew down the runway to show he agreed.

Stella and Catherine had stopped by on their way back to Ottawa to pick up a zapper and a cb. I met them with Don when we went to a lecture at Carleton University given by Steeve of Quebec Orgone last month. They were here to write their homeopathy exams and found that wearing an HP and keeping a tb underfoot, literally, aided them in passing their exams. They will be returning for more fun at the end of the month.

They were joined by their good friend Vicky who has hosted them while they are in town. As I understand it, she's a Naturopath and a Vet. Now that's an impressive resume! I suggested that combining her specialties would be a much needed service, I hope she considers it. I'm afraid we all rather overwhelmed her with too much info as most of what we do was new to her, but I'm confident she was where she needed to be and that we will hear from her again.

As they were discussing which cb to take with them, I offered to help them decide from the 20 or so cb bases ready to go. One stood out as the strongest from the others, however none of them were as strong as other cbs I'd looked at. I found that odd and chalked that up to the fact they were new. It wasn't until later I found out none of them had crystal inserts and the cb I chose had been created for Steve's mom. Now that indicates to me it was made with love, and indeed love made it stronger.

Kim called to let us know she couldn't make it, her transmission needs to be replaced. I moved under Steve's hurricane cb to talk to her away from the noise of the crowd. Having just discovered the difference between a cb base, a cb with inserts and a fully erected cb, I thought it was unusual that nothing was coming out of the hurricane pipes. I mentioned it to Steve when he surprised me by saying he knew the crystals in it were used up and needed to be replaced. I'm still learning to trust my gift and getting confirmations is the best way to build it up.

I mention what I see because a few months ago I was pretty much third eye blind. Gifts have been given to myself and my children, each of us with a different gift, as we've got involved in gifting. It could happen to you too.

Renata Katarina had brought along the biggest crystal I've ever seen, at least a foot long and about 6 inches wide. An Atlantian crystal. Had a nice feel to it, and, as I learned by putting my hand on the rough side near the bottom, it felt very 'busy'. Apparently this is where all the info is kept. What a beauty! All who saw it were in awe.

She got a message from one of the 75 (my son counted) swans, that they like to come to Steve's bay because there's so much light. It's amusing that with the whole lake, and several properties around the bay, they only converge directly in front of his well gifted property.

Steve was showing Renata his HP, and once she tried it on, naturally she was unable to part with it. (Don & Carol, no more fun-in-the-sun vacations! We need a rush shipment over here!)

She brought a friend, Jeff, a healer, who enlightened us to the virtues of Goji juice. He's not impressed by the multi-level marketing strategy, but the juice being very impressive won us all over. I'm afraid that alot of what he said escaped me, as over his left shoulder a windmaker (I don't know what they're really called as I've not read any reports of anyone else seeing them) was trying frantically to get my attention. Then of course when I see them, my heart fills with joy and I miss what's happening around me as I focus on them. And they are always at Steve's, much like the swans.

Nicholas came with some goodies, a large baggie full of Lumerian crystals! Steve ordered them for some devices that are going into Lake Ontario very soon. Turns out that although William and Karen, both healers and extraordinary people, had invited Renata over, she is good friends with Nicholas. Small world.

On a personal level, while talking with William and Karen, the conversation turned to finding your soul mate. I had resigned myself to being alone, at least until my kids are old enough to be on their own, and somehow they convinced me otherwise. They armed me with some exercises to draw him to me. Let that serve as notice to him that I'm ready now.

Being among all these amazing people makes me feel privileged to be part of it. As I was leaving, Allison showed up with Melanie to pick up Allison's cb that she made last week. I saw a nice orgone flame flowing from each of the pipes, connecting together and surrounded by a glowing white globe.

As I was almost done my goodbyes, Tom came running in the house like a little kid at Christmas excited with the crystals he had just bought from Nicholas. I didn't realize he had brought others, so of course I had to take a look.

I was drawn to a smokey quartz, about 5 inches long and 3 inches wide. Feels very calm. As I was paying for it, he asks if I'd seen his twin crystal, and put it in my hand. Instantly I felt like crying tears of joy, my heart chakra blew wide open. I'd never been affected like that before from a crystal so naturally I had to have it! It fits my hand perfectly, and I see a few little happy guys inside it. I've barely put it down and even slept with it since it found me. Instantly I recognized this as the reason I came.

It wasn't until after I got home and did a search for twin crystals that I found out it's purpose. It facilitates the building of relationships on all levels, attracting like-minded people, and in this way can help find one's soulmate.

Coincidence? I think not. I can only imagine the reason the dark side tried to keep me away is that when my soulmate does find me, they don't stand a chance.

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