Monday, August 02, 2004

Be All That You Can Be

Filling out my profile made me realize just how diversified the art of gifting can be.

It gives multiple choice for Work, but they all seem to fit.

  • Accounting - gotta make sure you fit your orgone supply budget into what's left over from the government's hand in your cookie jar (for those of us still letting their grubby paws in there)
  • Advertising - you've all heard about orgone here, right?
  • Agriculture - plant orgone and watch every living thing grow
  • Architecture - building better living environments
  • Arts - get creative with making orgone
  • Automotive - the best way to do those highway routes
  • Banking - what to do right before getting more supplies
  • Biotech - letting the orgone chi do it's job
  • Business Services - wanna buy some orgone?
  • Chemicals - the mixing of orgone components
  • Communications/Media - telling the world of orgone, and our gifting feats
  • Construction - constructing cb's
  • Consulting - ask me how to make orgone
  • Education - getting an education in truths
  • Engineering - building better orgone
  • Environment - filling it with love and life
  • Fashion - Don Croft swears by Hawaiian shirts
  • Government - Ensuring Universal Law via orgone distribution
  • Human Resources - finding people to gift with
  • Internet - learning and reporting about gifting
  • Investment Banking - as in banking on investing the good effects of orgone
  • Law - Universal Law declares light will always win over dark
  • Law Enforcement/Security - enforcement of chi by gifting, security denotes orgone burial to avoid dectection
  • Manufacturing - of orgone
  • Maritime - all water loves to be gifted
  • Marketing - I'll ask again, wanna buy some orgone?
  • Military - armed and dangerous, to the dark side at least, when carrying orgone
  • Museums/Libraries - great places to gift
  • Non-Profit - too bad we can't bill the fake governments
  • Publishing - the effects and successes of orgone and gifting
  • Real Estate - making sure each one is within orgone coverage
  • Religion - is a belief system; I believe in the power of orgone
  • Science - the combination of metal, crystals and resin is definately considered a science
  • Sports/Recreation - hiking is a sport, as in hiking to gift
  • Student - of orgone and truths
  • Technology - finding ways of applying orgone everywhere
  • Telecommunications - calling friends to go gifting
  • Tourism - pointing out the sylphs
  • Transportation - getting that orgone out and about

So, as you can see that was a tough decision, but you'll be proud that I did choose just one. Go ahead and have a look.

Well it made sense in my head...


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