Thursday, August 12, 2004

First Underground Base

Shortly after Don left in mid July, Steve Baron and I got an underground base near my home, a first for both of us. We didn't have an SP with us, but as is my custom, I asked mine telepathically to "hide us and guide us". Well we got caught, another first for both of us. This guy tells us "you can't be here" so Steve told him exactly what we were doing and advised him it's so he doesn't get his brain fried anymore from the two huge towers within 100 feet of his workplace. He walks away quickly saying "well next time you gotta get permission to be here first". Next time? Haha.

Not five minutes later, another guy, who reminded me alot of the NSA agent in the parking lot of Ottawa, an old guy with glasses, sun hat and scraggly white hair, comes whipping down the driveway looking left and right when Steve stepped out to give Mr. Fried Brain a tb. When Steve is getting back in the car, I see Fried Brain throwing up his hands in the air so happy to see Mr. Frantically Searching Parking Lot. I figure that earthpipe didn't last long. We also learned it's easier to dig a hole for the earthpipe rather than pounding it down with a mallet or sledge hammer. And to think we wasted time waiting for a rainy day first so the ground would be softer.

We did the rest of the base without being seen. Also got a few schools, a church and regifted a building with heavy tower coverage that still felt bad.

We were looking at the sky waiting for some sign that what we did was effective. We saw a huge blue hole with customary cloud breaking signs open up about 2-5 miles north of where we did. Near as we could figure, someone put up a cb over that way. It eventually drifted over the area we did.

A couple days later it hits me, no reason for sky to show us signs, they were aimed underground. I told Don about it, who wrote back that we always get sky confirmations when we bust underground bases. The fact that the blue hole was 'offset' may relate more to having disabled underground weaponry under the hole itself or to some other factor.

Cool! Victory confirmed.

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