Sunday, September 11, 2005

Katrina: Natural Disaster or Planned Event

Fooling with Mother Nature: The Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund

by Carol Adler, with Presidential Candidate John Joseph Kennedy (JJK)

Yesterday I received a phone call from my friend, John Joseph Kennedy, who as many may recall, was a 2004 True Democrat Presidential Write-In Candidate. After expressing our mutual grief and despair about Katrina, JJK plunged into the real reason for his call.

"Carol, did you know Katrina was not a 'natural disaster' after all, as President Bush keeps repeating to the people in his press conferences?"

"I've been hearing stories," I told John, "and of course, Dandelion (my publishing company) has published books that include information about environmental warfare and weather modification techniques."

I also knew about the work of Dr. Bernard Eastlund who, while working as a consultant for Advance Power Technologies, Inc. (APTI) in the 1980s, patented devices that are described as capable of "causing” total disruption of communications over a very large portion of the earth, missile or aircraft destruction, deflection or confusion, weather modification." (Angels Don't Play this HAARP, by Nick Begich & Jeane Manning, 1995, Earthpulse Press, ).

In my archives is an article by Scott Gilbert, an environmental engineering student, written for The Ontarian at Guelph University and posted on January 2004:

"These patents were based on the ideas and fundamental research of Nicola Tesla (many of his ideas were stolen by US corporations). Some of Eastlund's patents were temporarily sealed under a US Secrecy Order. APTI and Eastlund's patents were quickly purchased by E-Systems, a company that is home to many retired and currently employed CIA agents. In 1933 E-Systems received $1.8 billion in classified contracts. Raytheon, the fourth largest US defense contractor and third largest aerospace company, currently holds the patents." (Corporate Watch website - Raytheon

The following is an excerpt from one of JJK's 2004 Presidential Campaign speeches found through a Google search:

"The Bush family, Bush Sr., George W. and Florida Governor Jeb Bush are bilking the American government and victims by pocketing hundreds of millions of dollars from their on-going criminal billion-dollar 'Disaster relief' programs. Much of the money is going to them, not the victims. Wake up America!"

[During the past 20 years, JJK has been directly involved in environmental protection programs. In 1984 he created the Richter Duck Earthquake Safety Program for California and Doppler Duck Safety Programs for Tornado-Hurricane Safety. He has been an outspoken spokesman and expert on these weather conditions and safety measures to take before, during and after a disaster. He has also been a voice for the protection and preservation of the oceans and all marine life, especially the vital lives of whales and dolphins. JJK was one of the first to publicly speak out against the MOAB (Mother of All Bombs) the Bush Family has detonated throughout the oceans for oil and gas exploration, causing immeasurable death and destruction to marine and human life. The bomb(s) are also directly responsible for the Christmas 2004 tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands of people, another "UNNATURAL DISASTER". JJK has written a wonderful series of books and animated screenplays, "Royal Critters" and "Whale Magic" for children, based on his Save the Whales-Love for the Oceans Project.]

JJK's campaign speech continued: "The environmental destruction caused by the evil, manipulative man-made hurricanes (not man-made directly by the Bush family, but increased in intensity and frequency by 'Global-Warming') has not only caused death and destruction to human lives, but has also upset and destroyed the oceans, whales, marine life and the natural order of our planet.”

"I have been tracking the hurricanes this past season with keen interest. I have been privy to intelligence from the highest sources and the American Red Cross, thus confirming my suspicions; these hurricanes are all man-made by the Bush family (as a result of their industrial lobbyists and political supporters' lack of concern for the environment, and 'Global Warming') and I intend to hold the entire Bush Family Administration criminally, financially and morally responsible for the cruelest assault on humankind and our environment once I become President."

And now, back to my phone conversation with JJK:

"I want to share something with you, Carol. Go to Network Solutions, and look up”

"Then type in the name of this website or domain, as if you wished to reserve or purchase it.”

"You will receive the message that it has already been taken, of course," said JJK. "Now scroll to the place where you can learn more information about the owner of this domain."

I listened carefully, not sure yet where JJK was going with these instructions, but well aware it was leading to something critically important.

"You will learn in the WHOIS Record that was registered by the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund, 55 W 125th Street, New York, NY 10027 US, and the record was created 02-Sep-2005, expiring on 02-Sep-2005," JJK continued.

"And?" I waited.

"Now," instructed JJK, "scroll down further. Note the underlying registry data for this record. Here is what you will find":

IP Address: (ARIN & RIPE IP search)


Y! Directory: See listings

Web Site Title: Welcome to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund Official Web Site

Data as of: 14-Jun-2005

I followed JJK's instructions. I found the information he wanted me to see.

Further research also revealed the fund was set up months in advance of Hurricane Katrina.

"This is premeditated mass murder, just like the Florida Hurricanes last year before the presidential election, to put people in a state of vertigo and mass confusion," states John Joseph Kennedy. "The man-ufactured tornados, tsunamis and hurricanes are the ultimate weapons of mass destruction."

The information JJK delivered to me is a gift from Mother Nature. She asked me to pass it on because she felt if enough people saw this article, they would realize the urgency of her call for help.


Carol Adler is President of Dandelion Books, LLC,, John Joseph Kennedy can be reached at

Thanks to Donna for sending this my way.


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