Monday, September 06, 2004

Labour Day - Busted

I was making a quick trip to the store tonight around 8pm and decided it would be the perfect time to gift that last crucial spot of a local underground base. I've been there a few times choosing the best location and awaiting the right time when not so many people are around. Each time I had the feeling something wasn't right and decide to wait until I have the SP in the car with me. I didn't have it with me tonight but I was absolutely positive no one would be there with all the stores closed being Labour Day and all. So I tell the kids why we are making a quick detour.

The place I'm referring to was about 2 blocks from the time I had the thought and mentioned it. I parked and head for the trunk to get the needed supplies. The spot I chose was pretty well hidden from traffic, except for this one lane between some stores. It's there that I see this guy riding a bicycle, and decide to stay busy by folding some blankets until he passes by.

I turned around to see if the coast is clear, and I was flabbergasted to see this guy on his bike right beside my vehicle! He was inspecting the bushes I was about to gift. My eyes searched the spot he was looking at and it was quite obvious someone had already been digging there and wasn't too careful about concealing it either. How I wish I'd had my camera with me! I could hardly keep from laughing. I had the distinct feeling I was expected. Can we say surveillance anyone?

Well at least this time there was proof my feelings were correct. Two other black cars drove by after that guy left, one of them going around the front of the building while I was going around the back. By the time we met around the corner I came to my senses and sent him a little love. He did a U-turn right in front of me.

I will return there with my SP and victory will be mine!


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