Sunday, July 10, 2005

Thanks Cliff & Donna!

I met up with Cliff and Donna from Hamilton Stoney Creek a few weeks ago at Steve Baron's home. They brought some of their orgonite creations and let me tell you, I was impressed.

This one was my favorite. I suggested they put this one where the most people would benefit, like a family room, as it had such a wonderful feel good vibe to it.

They generously gave away this awesome creation. To me. I feel very privliged. I hope they don't regret it as they did mention this was their first. You can see the little guy near the top, almost looks golden by himself, such a great feeling with this HHG.

I can't be certain, but I feel the 5 twisted wires in a clockwise coil has a lot to do with the feelings I get. That and peridot, my absolute favorite gemstone.

Usually when coils are present, I feel the strength run up my arm with a certain vibration almost like it's falling asleep. I didn't get that from this type of coil. Somehow, the energy was softened, giving a happy joyous feeling and vibration.

I don't remember all the pieces they brought, except one I suggested for by their bed as it had such a strength to it, I felt it would protect them while they slept.

Watch out Hamilton Stoney Creek, good stuff coming your way!


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