Tuesday, September 27, 2005

No Rita here

It rained pretty steady yesterday and while I was told it was the effects of Hurricane Rita, the mild comforting feeling told me differently.

So when I talked to Steve Baron I was compelled to ask him - "What did you do yesterday?"

He laughed and explained it was the first time he was able to get out in his boat this summer due to technical difficulties. Being late in the season, he figured it just might be his last chance for the year as well. Despite engine trouble, he and Lisa managed to thoroughly gift Lake Ontario with plenty of gifts, particularly around Cherry Beach and Center Island. He found a HAARP array with 11 towers on the island.

The result is typical -- steady cleansing rain followed by clear blue skies. The cycle will continue for a few days, quite possibly weeks as we saw when he released the mega cb last fall.

Nice job! =]


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