Sunday, August 29, 2004

Progressive Enlightenment

On the way to Kim's yesterday, Katie discovered her left hand starts buzzing when we are near towers not yet busted. Cool, another gift for the family.

There was no definate plan of where we would go, but seeing most of the towers we had gifted last time surrounded by DOR on the way there pretty much determined where we would go. It was disheartening to realize they would need more OR there. We concentrated on filling in some more bare spots in the Brampton grid.

Something often on my mind when gifting is I wish I could always SEE where tb's are needed. I get glimpses now and then, especially right after Don cleared my implants. Maybe that's selfish because I can usually feel them but hey, why not?

While checking on a particular church Kim had previously gifted without me, I had an enlightening experience. She got out to gift, and I was having a good look at it. Well that's when I noticed beyond the DOR, a white glow surrounded it with a blue glow beyond that! I figured out the initial DOR I spotted was being drawn in and converted. It's so cool to SEE it in action! All I really needed to do was stop and focus.

Now that I think of it, this was only a few minutes after Kim telling us of something she read recently. Apparently, anointing your forhead with a type of pine oil and saying "My third eye can see, It's open and free" will help to open it. We said it a few times hoping to memorize it.

Apparently saying it was enough for me!


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