Monday, September 06, 2004

A Better Money System

This page gives a good explanation on how money works, it's faults and solutions.

Why the Need?
In order to create a healthy, sustainable and just world, we need a healthy, sustainable and just money system. We do not have this at present, but instead have a system that is profoundly dysfunctional. Financial decisions that run completely counter to our sense of goodness - such as a decision to harm the life-sustaining capacity of the planet in spite of a wish that one's grandchildren have a healthy world to live in - are a direct result of seriously flawed money system.

What's wrong with the money system we use now?
The dominant money system is harmful to life because it is based on scarcity, encourages short-term thinking, creates incentive to turn valuable natural resources into cash, rewards greed, and is designed to transfer wealth toward the top of the economic pyramid. A system like this is by nature unsustainable and destined to collapse. As the money system approaches collapse, those in control of the system may resort to desperate measures such as war to postpone the inevitable.

What can we do?
It is completely within our power to establish a better system and empower ourselves and further our objectives of justice and sustainability through implementation and use of a money system designed to help us achieve these goals. This website provides an introduction to the possibility of creating a better money system. Please see the links on this page for more in depth discussion."

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