Thursday, September 02, 2004

Constantin is Free!

Woohoooo!!! It's about time!!

I am thrilled he is finally out from the unlawful imprisonment the LVPD forced on him. This is a copy of the letter I emailed to

Dear Sheriff Bill Young,

My wish is to encourage you to exercise your lawful duty and release Constantin Ochescu from unlawful captivity.

He is not charged with anything, merely brought in on a bogus offence of having no license or registration. He is not a criminal. This does not merit locking him up forever whether it be incarcerating him to a mental hospital or prison. Holding him using the Patriot Act is anything but Patriotic!

I have followed the account of events to date from and am appalled at the kidnapping of a man who's basically being held because he has superior knowledge regarding authentic freedom and genuine laws than most people and probably most 'law keepers' in the North America.

The only advantage to come out of this as far as I can see is the promotional awareness of bona fide freedom this abduction of a true Sovereign is bringing to humanity around the world.

The world is changing Mr. Young. People are standing up against tyranny and fighting for what is right. You are welcome to join us.

Please free Constaintin Ochescu.


Maybe I should write Bill Young a thank you note.....



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