Thursday, September 02, 2004

Random Gifting Events

Got the glare stare from a women at a golf course the moment we pulled in the driveway. We stared back, she looked away in disgust. Love you too honey. Left some presents for you and your friends to prove it! I guess it wasn't too strange that a gold SUV pulled in the same time we did and left at the same time too. Or was it?

Another day, I was driving along and thought perhaps the tingles in my hand deserted me because I felt nothing. Turns out Steve had done the route I was traveling earlier the same day!

A skunk kindly showed us where to put gifts in his industrial neighbourhood.

A hawk made a brief appearance circling a row of trees. We thanked him and while we gifted he flew away.

Also went gifting with Kim aka manycrows in her neck of the woods. To gain entrance into a gated community, we asked if they had any apartments for rent and the guy happily let us in. We left him a gift for his nice hospitality. :o)

We always have neat animal conformations when gifting with Kim. Saw my first hawk with her. Another time a huge flock of Canadian Geese were waiting for us in a phone company complex. We noticed the trees were diseased and unhealthy. We got that area pretty good, but I doubt they will call us to give us the results. ;o)


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