Sunday, July 24, 2005

Giant Dust Cloud Floats to Florida

Oh come on! They expect people to believe this?

"Born in the desert of North Africa, an immense cloud of Saharan sand is being swept across the Atlantic Ocean by the tradewinds. By early next week, South Floridians will experience hazy blue skies, bright orange sunsets and coats of reddish dust on their cars, the National Weather Service said Friday."

"The sand is lifted from the Sahara Desert, piggybacking on the tropical waves that sweep from east to west over the Atlantic. Such dust clouds are fairly common in July and August, although they can vary in intensity from year to year."

I guess the red color comes from being in the upper atmosphere for such a long trip?

"Air quality is expected to worsen a bit, although experts say the dust shouldn't pose any serious health problems. As a precaution, people with breathing problems may want to limit their time outdoors"

Ah. So that's their plan. Sounds suspiciously like some of those chemtrail programs I've heard talk of.

"This particular cloud .... measures about 1,500 miles north to south and 2,500 miles west to east."

Wow. The size of continental United States. I get the feeling this desperate tactic is the result of the failing chemtrail program.

Of course I could be wrong. Could be a friend of Georg's wanted to visit Africa but couldn't make it, so Georg sent Africa to him. That's a bit more believable to me than the official explanation.


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