Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Gifting and Humidity

Small gifting run last night with the intent of ending the high humidity accompanying this heat wave we are experiencing here in Southern Ontario. I couldn't sleep so about 1am I headed out. I was pretty sure it was manufactured weather and that gifting could help with that.

About 35 tbs buried, thrown in bushes and a couple of Steve Baron's prayer cups found a new home in Lake Ontario. Some of the areas I'd done before but felt it needed a boost. I came to a HAARP array that I know for certain has been gifted by myself and others in the past but the nausea I felt confirmed it needed more. The only ammo I had left were 2 of the prayer cups. It helped but I know I need to go back there and finish the job.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened except the sky cleared above the path I left behind me. This morning the skies were clear for a change, a few fluffy clouds and the humidity was considerably less. It made for a beautiful day.


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