Saturday, July 02, 2005

Speed Blasting

I got stopped for speeding last week. Yes! Again!

This time I blasted with specific intent and experimented with the words I used. The thoughts I sent out to the officer were "I won't find any speeding history, I don't really want to give her a ticket, I'll let her off with a warning, that will be enough, this lady made a mistake, she won't do it again, let her go, I will feel good about myself for letting her go". Stuff like that.

He came back and said "You're driving record is clean, I'm going to let you off this time with a warning. Promise me you are going to slow down."

He said the same things I had been projecting!

Of course more experimenting is needed in this area but I think the wording is important, talking like the thoughts were his own.


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