Saturday, May 14, 2005

HAARP in disguise?

Since noticing the new triple height lamp posts erected around Toronto highways last year, I've had a bad feeling about them. When I first started seeing them, they were surrounded in gray energy, much like death towers. Why do they have to be so high and still so close together like the shorter regular ones? Certainly they use much more electricity with more bulbs per each one.

Today I saw one alongside a HAARP tower. Guess what? Same height. Same energy.

Could it be Toronto highways are being turned into HAARP arrays right in front of us? Could this be the reason 10,000 orgonite devices have not been successful in keeping our skies free from white outs and smog?

The reason I ask is I noticed heading south into Toronto from Brampton along Hwy 410 there is a row of these new lamp posts with a healthy blue glow - exactly like a busted tower.

I hope to get pics up soon to show you all what I'm referring to in case these are in other cities too.

Confirmation would be nice too, but I'm convinced these lamps are towers in disguise.


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