Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Another day, another gifting run.

Jen and I were going to see what they had at our crystal source, about an hours drive away. She took the day off school because she wasn't feeling well. Funny how she perked up when I agreed to drive there if she would do some passenger gifting. I remembered to bring the SP this time.

Getting there involved a series of highways and some major streets through a few small towns. Not much out of the ordinary happened on this trip.

Unless you consider that through practically the whole trip there was no one behind us. This enabled us to gift where it needed to be instead of waiting until there was no danger of a stray tb hitting the car behind us. Please don't press for details of how we figured that could be a concern. (yikes!)

Well, there was that one black car... We gifted a few when he was way behind us, but as he got closer I asked Jen to hold off and slowed down to 140km/h so he could pass. Speed limits are just suggestions, and obviously this driver agreed with me on that. It was when he was in front of us we saw the word POLICE barely noticeable in dark gray on the back bumper. Never saw one like that before. Near as I could tell the SP was doing it's job keeping us invisible. If he didn't pull us over for littering, and he didn't stop us for speeding, he wasn't going to mind if we kept gifting, so we did.

Jen was getting funny feelings from the corn fields. She explained her theory, I can't remember what it was now, but it made sense. She's getting really good at making those tbs soar quite far. The trick, she says, is throw them as you would a Frisbee. I mentioned that to Kim on another quest this past weekend and she agrees Jen's right about that.

We got the usual fare, towers, streams, ponds, churches, a school, highway ramps and Jen's personal favorite, dead trees. She was really excited to spot two dead trees from the highway with every branch literally covered in birds, and nothing on the live trees beside them. If that's not a sign than I don't know what one is. Oh yeah, we got the corn fields too.

We missed the graveyard, but we are saving that for a special occasion with the respect it deserves. Let's just say there's a family outing coming up soon. It's becoming our specialty, freeing spirits and leading them to the other side.

Speaking of the other side, we spotted the guy who works for the darksiders, driving the beat up blue van with fake purple tinted windows AGAIN. So I say, let's follow him this time, and we laughed when he did a quick right turn as soon the words were out of my mouth. Thing is I had no intention of doing it, I was just playing with him. Eh, we blasted him anyway.

So that was our day, we claimed a nice big path for the good side, and made it home in time to blast the psychic in the nice red sports car for his trouble in finding us.

We got some cool stuff, crystal pendulums, a pyrite egg, red coral, angelite and a pouch for us each of us to carry our favorite crystals. And Jen met her first water-planet based alien, a nice one.

Like I said, just another day, not much out of the ordinary.


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