Saturday, September 11, 2004

Haunted House For Sale

Last May, we found a really great deal on a house for sale in a small town, so of course we had to go look at it.

Let me just say it was an odd little house. You couldn't tell by looking that it was a 200 year old home that had a few add ons over the years. The most noticeable odd thing was the doors were built for short people. I'm 5'4" and had to watch I didn't bang my head going through the doors. It looked like a small home from the outside, but somehow the inside held 5 bedrooms, 2 kitchens and 2 living rooms, all of a fair size on the main floor.

Upon entering the front door, you instantly discover this homes biggest flaw - the foundation was sinking on one side. Well that did it for me, too much work and money to repair, but I was still facinated and had to look around. It became obvious there was something odd about the air quality indoors. It was stagnant, thick, quiet. I can best describe it as dead. It felt like walking into another dimension. I had pictures in my mind of short elfish people living here in the past.

We took digital photos, asked questions and learned of the history of this house. It has been in one family for over 200 years. I had to laugh when he said it was the original owners. Perhaps the laugh's on me and it was! Tuck Everlasting deja vu. It's not a stretch to believe that, that's how odd this home felt. Anyway, the story goes that the last two remaining family members were an unmarried sister and brother. The house was divided up into a duplex while sharing the one bathroom. The sister passed away, then eventually the brother joined her. He left the home to a friend who had spent a year fixing it up and was now selling it. As you can see by the photos, I think the repairs were just siding and roofing.

There was an upper addition that was never finished. The 8" stair treads were another giveaway this home was made for growth challenged individuals. I tripped as I decended the stairs which is weird because I was walking slowly due to the fact they were narrow and didn't feel safe. It felt like a bar was placed on my toes preventing them from leaving the step I was on and a push from behind, but come on, it's easy to get spooked in an empty old house so I put it out of my mind.

Now would be a good time to mention that Jen has claimed to see and feel the presence of ghosts her whole life. I freely admit that I just attributed all that to an overactive imagination. Throughout the tour of this house she would whisper, there's ghosts here I can feel them, there are some spirits who are still stuck here, they were into magic, some spirits were burned for being witches, stuff like that. That was the first time she ever spoke of the witch theme, but it was pretty predominant in her assessment of that house.

Of course I didn't believe her, at least not until discussing our visit on the ride home. I asked her what she thought of it and she said I told you but you never listen. She felt at least one spirit had followed us home in the car.

I considered her observations and we concentrated on guiding the spirits to the light. Still, not really feeling anything I had no proof of their existance or if our attempts to lead them to their afterlife was successful.

Their presence was confirmed when I got home and looked at the pictures. I was shocked to find many orbs. This is the event that pushed me to research and do something about them. I realized that I was tripped, especially after noting an orb on the stairs where I fell.

I had intended to put some orgone around the property and, as per Don and Carol's advice in their adventure series on, just ask them to move to the light.

Unfortunetly the real estate guy didn't invite me back when I asked to try some experiments on his ghosts. He was defensive while explaining that he was sensitive to these things and if there were any ghosts, he would certainly know about it.

Now I know how Jen felt when I didn't believe her.

The focus here is on the tiled wall:

the right side of the door frame:

the floor near the right side of the doorway to the left:

the wall:

faces in the wood below the window:

third step:

everywhere in this pic:

left wall near the corner and the floor near front of pic:

couple of faces on the shelf to the left nearest the door:

2nd and 5th bottom window panes, also the brown ledge below 2nd pane:

This is behind the house on parkland. Something weird back there:

Enlarged from previous photo:


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