Sunday, October 31, 2004

Mega CB

Quite possibly the world's largest cb.

Destination: Lake Ontario

Deadline for Deployment: Nov. 1, 2004

some gems to be added

note the cb base is a 32 gallon garbage container

Many layers have already gone into this base. Drying time is an hour between layer.

adding the 3 inch wide lower pipes

lining up the pipes with copper coils orgonized in base

center pipe contains a cesco coil

some of the cb creators

A few more orgone layers, the addition of another 8 foot section of copper pipes to top it off, some spikes attached to the base to dig into the bottom of the lake, some rigid foam insulation added between the pipes for floatation to slow down the landing, and we have ourselves a Mega CB, courtesy of Steve Baron.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH Steve Baron and friends!

I am a new comer in orgonite and I spent the whole day yesterday doing TBs and HHG, and at night, I felt SO happy because it is the first time they look and feel great.

And then, to-night (like almost every night) I went on and saw the Moonbeam's post in which she speaks about this huge CB in Ontario lake, and the comments that follow, and your link.

And I just burst in laught and tears and JOY! This is tremendous. I'll do the same one day, in this beautiful lake I am living by.

Thank you again!:)

Thank you to all of you, Orgonautes from all around the world! The Great God of Love is on our side and our dear Planet Earth is feeling liveliness (that is my perception:).

May you be blessed until the end of times, brothers and sisters...

11/22/2004 5:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a big CB but, there is a bigger one which was made in europe. it is actually 4 big CBs placed in a square form.

here is the web site, go to product on the left hand side column and go down to CCB parts 1-5 describe it's creation.

My email is

11/22/2004 8:45 PM  

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