Thursday, September 23, 2004

Vision Fine Tuning

I made a comment about laozu's pic of his cb. I was amazed there were so many beings in his yard!

I offered to circle them for him when I realized he can feel them and communicates with them on a spiritual level, but can not see them. I told him if I did them all there wouldn't be much picture left. *smiles* Ever look at one of those 3d pictures? You stare long enough and a hidden picture pops out at you when your eyes adjust. It's the same method I use to see them. Maybe that will work for you too.

With practice it kind of happens automatically. I even see them in magazines and ads like Home Depot. Not sure if orgone is a prerequisite to them being here but I don't think so. I do notice when orgone is present there are alot more in number.

I can sometimes dectect they are there by feelings. Looking at a picture will confirm it. My 9 year old, Katie, can see them in trees, bushes and flowers without looking at a picture. She describes them as bubbles, like invisible beings with an outline, the same way I see them in pictures. She was freaked out a bit when a 3 foot tall giraffe started following her around for a few days last summer. I think that was because he knew Katie could see him. This all started when Don deactivated our implants.

For as long as I remember, Katie made time to say hello to flowers and pet each one when we would visit places like a garden center. You could imagine how long it took to get out of one of those. *grin* I think she can see them clearly because she has always loved them.

For me, when I'm looking for that love vibe, I think of them and it warms my heart. Just knowing there is an invisible loving world of beings waiting for us to discover them is... incredible.

I feel blessed being able to acknowledge them.


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