Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Eye Training for Reptoid Shape Shifts

cbswork says:
Catching reptoids shift in films is something I see when watching them. Example: As we watch a movie, we see the action on the screen. But, that action is made up of 25 separate photographs wizzing by at 25 pics per second, most people never see anything but the blended action of all those pics moving quickly over the screen. For whatever reasons, I can see the individual photogrpahs. This is how I catch imbeds, to begin with - subliminals placed in film and TV not meant to be consciously seen.

I wish I could consistantly see imbedded subliminals. I've caught a few when a digitalized show burps for a second or so. Seen an ad and a command that way as I recall, but there's more for sure. I watched about a half hour of Pirates of the Caribbean in frame by frame (that took a few hours) and didn't see anything out of the ordinary, except a few reptoid eye shifts by Johnny Depp and 2 of the pirates.

cbswork continues:
Now, my sons can do this, too. After a bit of training. Here's what you do:

When watching a scene, only look at the actor's eyes. What will happen, is your eyes will tune-up and start breaking those seconds down, and pretty soon, you'll see more of the images on the screen, because your EYES are being trained to SEE THEM. My kids can spot them now. Kids...

And you have to pay attention - be focused, alert. Your eyes won't respond to your soul's aspiration to improve vision, when you put forth no internal mental effort, sealing the covenant with the mental body, soul, and Spirit to improve. You have to be present and doing. Understand?

Just look with the eyes of the heart. That's all you need.

Also, you get the benefits of improved awareness aned vision in other areas, not just flick watching.

1. YOu'll start looking people in the eye when you talk with them. Then, you'll really start to see life, maybe for the first time.

2. Your Soul Ray and Presence will be definitely present in all your mundane dealings. By becoming more visually respondent to the varying grades of matter, the more of the real YOU will start to emerge. The patient you, alert you, aware you, and, SOVEREIGN YOU. That's when the other side starts to notice you in earnest - when "they" see glimmers of an awakening heart center taking over the rest of the boneyard.

3. You'll remember detail like a computer. Because, by being visually aware and alert, we organize our mind and mental body better; inmprove the magnetic lines of force in our brain; our whole personality becomes more under OUR control and not under REACTIVE PROGRAMS LONG RUNNING THE INNER WORLD OF OUR LIVES.


My kids are interested in spotting the shifts now too. Katie states she's seen it often before and wondered why. Jen's highly disappointed that Johnny Depp is one of THEM. I understand what she means...I've been enamoured with him since 21 Jump Street from the early 80's. Yuckkkkk!!! I need to wash my brain out with soap. =/


Anonymous Saril said...

Hmm, interesting copy post, but I thought I should clarify this.

In North America pictures of tv whiz by at about 60 fps, because, the TV screen is actually divded up in rows, numbered from 01 to 500 and something rows.

The television then draws all odd number rows and then after completing all odd rows continues on to 'draw' all even fields.

Not contesting, just helping.

2/24/2005 8:19 PM  
Blogger MoonBeaM said...

Thanks Saril. That could be but I know what I saw. I have digital tv that sometimes freezes, revealing odd symbols or words that don't belong.

I'll vouch for what cbswork saw from watching a show in frame by frame. It takes a lot of frames to make 1 second of play.


7/14/2005 12:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For those of you that don’t think that there is no such thing as aliens, you need to wake up. There have been reptilians living amongst us for thousands of years, and there’s countless evidence to prove it. This video does a pretty good job of giving you a rough idea of what the Draconians are and how long they’ve been here. Their disguises utilize technology that is much more advanced than the technology that is available to the general public (which is usually 50 to 100 years behind what the human elite organizations such as DARPA have), but it is still not infallible. There have been many instances caught on tape when the moving features of their face (mouth and eyes) have a slight lag time to recalibrate to the sudden change in movement. Hence the appearances of reptilian eyes or tongues for split seconds. One of my buddies who also (happens to be quite adept in regards to the reptilians and what they’re all about) was filming a city council meeting for ventura county when he caught something like this. He posted some of the pictures at his website (they’re at http://anxiety.org if you want to check them out) although the quality isn’t as good as the one shot by the news network.

1/20/2011 4:58 PM  

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