Friday, May 06, 2005

Have you noticed?

Last week I observed the white out approaching the blue area of sky from the south west. I stopped to admire some birds flying around high in the clear part of the sky. Typical of hawks, they were flying in circles. I counted 3 or 4, then from seemingly no where 3 or 4 more appeared. I squinted to see just what kind of birds these were. I had assumed they were birds but the more I stared, the more they kind of looked like orbs. Aha! I have binoculars in the car. I was perplexed as the mere thought of getting a closer look at them made them all disappear!

As I stood there scratching my head, the white out reached the area the "birds" had just been a few minutes before. Now I'm wondering if these orbs have more to do with white outs than chemtrails do.


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