Friday, May 06, 2005

Cowardly attack

Sunday night after the Warrior chat blast I asked Lilly to help me with my dog. The cowards in temporary control got to him. He spent the day in his cage, his body shaking violently non stop. He refused food and to go outside to relieve himself. I had been blasting and zapping him, but his nerves were too bad for him to sit with me. He snapped at me and ran back to his cage, very uncharacteristic of him. His moaning periodically and his breathing was shallow and laboured. I was afraid he may not make it through the night.

She worked on healing him for about 15 minutes while I boosted her. It was obvious he was poisoned. I couldn't see him while we were doing this as he was still hiding.

It was getting late so she gave me some tips to help heal him. Bring energy into your crown, count to 4 while you breath in, and 4 while you breathe out. Bring the energy to your hands and lay your hands on him. Your hands will know how long to stay in that spot until it's time to move them. Don't look at him, it's not good to get involved in the healing. The energy comes from God, if you focus too much you get tired quickly. Let God do the work through your hands. When finished, take etheric shower.

Armed with this info, I went to his cage to keep working on him. He must have heard me coming. He steps outside his cage, and has a big lazy stretch while looking at me as if to say what a great nap I just had! And his tail was wagging. Instant healing! I'd say he was about 90% better immediately after Lilly's work on him. The next day you wouldn't know there was anything wrong with him.

Thanks Lilly!


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