Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Joe Vialls is dead.


"He was a man who believed in humanity with the right for truth and justice, Joe believed that the few who wished harm and dispair to man kind should be exposed to the world."

"In Joes famous words "People, People, People, look at the evidence the truth is there you just have to look for it!!!!!""

I was a guest at a chat blast session on Georg's German Forum today when I heard the news. Axel had further info that Joe had been ill, recovered then took sick again before passing on.

We decided to look into it. We found a man with close ties pretending to be a friend. Satisfied after blasting him and whispering in his ear "from Joe" we decided to look up the chain and see where this command originated. I felt this came right from the top like a president or some similar status. I looked up "Australian President" in Google Images and found the face of the man I'd seen in my vision. I won't say all I'd seen looking into that evil mind, suffice to say he is added to my daily blasting list.

As a side note, you might want to copy any pages of interest from his site should it go down.


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