Sunday, September 19, 2004

Church Cemetery

While gifting a 200+ year old cemetery last month, the kids pointed out how cold it got as we entered. I've been pretty much immune to any indications of ghostly presence in the past, not so anymore. The energy was intense with much sadness and some feelings of horror in certain areas. It also felt like we were being watched.

There were many obelisk headstones, an indication this church's past members were likely Masons. We didn't feel comfortable digging around any of the graves themselves so decided to circle it instead.

I instructed the kids to tell any spirits they may feel to go the light. It felt much better coming out then it did going in, except for the one that followed us in the car home. A lost child, probably drawn to my children. We convinced him that his mother was waiting for him in the light and he left.

I learned that technique from a story Don told of a ghost Carol was having trouble with. She had to find a way to encourage him to go to the light and discovered he was close with his mom who had already passed over. He left when he was convinced that was true.

What drew us to this church was the intense buzzing in my hand as we passed. We had gifted across the street from it with no noticeable change, aside from the for sale sign that went up at the closest house. I should mention this church is pretty much hidden from view being surrounded by trees as well as high on a hill from the street. It was only on the way out as I was facing the church from behind that I discovered the cause of the vibrations in my hand. There were at least a dozen foot long antennas erected on the roof.

They are not harming anyone anymore.


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