Saturday, November 20, 2004

RFID Tags - Search and Destroy

I'm tired of hearing the fearmongers warn us of impending doom and gloom regarding RFID tags from privacy advocates spouting civil liberties violations without offering counter measures or solutions to the problem instead.

Has anyone done tests to see if a zapchecker or similar device can locate RFID tags in consumer purchases? Are there any other devices that would alert consumers to the presence of RFID tags?

Has anyone done tests to see if microwaving, using neodymium magnets or anything else that can destroy RFID tags?

I'd be interested in reading the outcome. I'd try the tests myself but I lack a zapchecker and haven't managed to find a RFID tag to test on.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, microwaving will cause a rfid chip to explode.
This has been done with the new colored us $20 bills and euro notes.

11/22/2004 2:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just demonstrated to a friend the exploding of the rfid chip in a 5 Euro note, in the microvave of a neighbour: Low to middle setting (so as not to burn the whole bill). after 6 to 8 seconds, there is a pop, and some smoke. The bill then shows a neat little hole right in the metal stip that runs accross it.

11/24/2004 4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zapchecker RF signal strength meter..
Model ZC 185. This is a hand held device with a localized and larger area. Just got one from Spytech 2005
Yonge street Toronto...
Clothes hangers, Suite coat collars, industrial mass produced goods, seem to carry a mysterious detectable signal. The whole downtown seems to blanketed in heavy wifi. any one else find stuff in there home?

10/07/2011 11:38 PM  

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