Thursday, December 23, 2004

Being Neighborly

Imagine my surprise when I step out into my backyard to take my dogs for a walk around 11pm last week and I get assaulted with this high pitched frequency sound. My neighbors decided they would install 2 satellite dishes atop our mutual fence. I have a problem with that as they are pointing at my family every time we go in our backyard.

I made my complaints known. The guy tells me "well it's on our side of the fence". I hear him calling the woman of the house as I scramble away from that God-forsaken noise. I came back about 15 minutes later. It's quiet finally and I notice they've moved one of the satellites off the fence and up to their balcony.

I was still not happy with this solution. Of course I blasted them a few times. I haven't seen them since but I still don't feel very satisfied. Lilly helped me think of a better solution. I can't believe I didn't think of it first!

I wonder how they like having something pointed at them?

Sometimes they smoke pot on their balcony and the aroma drifts into my house. I think I'll leave it like that until they decide to move.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why not take pictures of them smoking pot? Point the business end of a camcorder or camera at them.

12/23/2004 7:45 AM  
Blogger MoonBeaM said...

And then what? Pot's legal here in small quantities.

12/31/2004 1:31 AM  

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