Friday, November 12, 2004

Cesco's Little Secret Cleans Up

I went to my children's school for a rememberance day presentation. I like to travel with some protection, usually my SP, but decided to move the terminator over to the litte secret as it fit in my pocket better.

At the school assembly, things went well. The skits the children did were all presented well. The children were attentive, orderly and kind. Usually a few hundred kids would be a little noisy and full of energy. Not this day. I looked for orgone sparkles in the gym but couldn't locate any. That doesn't mean they weren't there as I see orgone best against a bright sky. I did see a light fog spread through the room.

At the end of the presentation, with my hand on the little secret, I asked the principal what his secret was for such a well behaved audience. He said I don't know, they're not usually like this. Must be the theme of the day.

Maybe he's right. But I don't think those children fully understood the somberness of the reality that people many years ago fought for their freedom. I say this because they were too busy smiling.

Yes, I believe the littel secret can clear a whole room. =)


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