Friday, April 22, 2005

Etheric Lemonaid

I got a speeding ticket. The officer was not amused when I told him I thought those signs were just suggestions. You bet I was blasting. Still lost four points and fined $265.

Not all things that look bad are as they seem. It prompted me to talk to our resident Sovereign expert, Constantin, and find out what I can do about it. He taught me alot and opened my eyes to the games they play with words and contracts. But the bottom line on my problem is, I have a license so I'm playing their game. Pay up and shut up. Until I'm ready to give them back their papers that is.

I can be a little thick sometimes. I decided to fight it. Went down to the court house yesterday to ask for a trial. Lo and behold there was no line up. I even brought something to read because I expected to be a while. I must have got there at just the right time because the place sure filled up in a hurry. The guy behind me was so polite - you may have heard that about Canadians. He was too embarrassed to tell me that I need stronger deodorant. I know this because he stood 20 feet behind me. Oh wait! I had one of Steve's prayer cups in my pocket. =)

Thank goodness for people like him to remind me to gift. I'm sure all who visit will appreciate it. I know the birds did. 'Tis a rare thing for me to travel childless so I took advantage of that and sat down to watch all the birds arrive. It occurred to me there's another practical application to orgonite. Why go out birdwatching when you can put gift your neighborhood and watch them to come to you?!


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