Monday, May 16, 2005

HAARP in disguise photos

This photo shows size relation of lamp towers to regular lamp posts (and cars). Note the amount of "light bulbs" on these ones along Hwy. 403 in Mississauga.

There are 3 large etheric beings on the grassy hill to the right.

Close up of the top portion of the lamp. What do you suppose the top disc part is for? Do you think they need so many light bulbs due to the sheer height of the posts?

Mixed lamps used together. The next lamp tower after this can be seen peeking at the top of the bridge and the post between the two overpasses. Again showing size relation.

Less bulbs on these posts. Even compared to a red and white tower, these things are high.

This photo was taken through the lense of polorized sunglasses. It was while wearing the sunglasses that I could see the energy much clearer. Lots of bulbs per lamp post and close together.

This photo is coming off Hwy. 400 to Hwy. 401. The lamp towers are along all the highways.

I've been telling others to look for the highest structure around, that's where you'll find a tower. They've been putting these things in plain veiw and well camaflouged.

We have more work to do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Anne.

Re: These new towers on the Hwy. Is one tb enough to turn it from producing DOR to POR ?

David Emmett

6/24/2005 10:57 AM  

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