Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Chemfront Battle

The battle is still on. Chemcrud being sprayed hard since yesterday. Spotted 6 spewplanes a few minutes ago.

Giant X above my house. Steve has double X above his. Blue holes remaining in the sky denotes where CBs reside. Steve noted that moving his CBs around adjusted the field above his home to clear the crud. Sylphs showed up again today.

Going to add pyrite and picture jasper to cb to see if that helps them out any.

Another note: we all feel under attack. My family not feeling well, all slept badly, anger at the drop of a hat. Tom feeling the anger as well. Love frequency not happening for me today to fight back but I will keep trying anyway.

I'm reporting this to show that it's not fun everyday but bottom line, the light will penetrate the darkness. Faith and hope. That's what keeps us going.


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