Wednesday, September 22, 2004

No gain for the chemfront

We watched them try all day to bring a chemwall from the middle of Lake Ontario onto the land. It didn't happen. Gorgeous blue skies in all directions.

Found out today Tom erected a hurricane cb. I added some stones to mine. Our efforts seem to be working here. Must thank the idiots behind the chemcrud spraying. Showed me some spots that need more orgone. That would be where their spraying lasted more than a few minutes before dissipating. Might as well be arrows saying over here!

We made some awesome tbs today using around 6 types of charged crystals and 4 types of metals. You could feel the energy it was so strong.

Steve is a magnet for people wanting to help, contribute and work with us. Healers, crystal aware, orgone aware, all kinds. The people we met in Ottawa for the conference in July have made arrangements for next month.

I find it very interesting that Wilhem Reich's teachings including orgone are part of the curriculum at It should be standard in all schools.

Well I'm off to enjoy this beautiful day. Take care!


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