Saturday, October 02, 2004

Another layer peeled from the onion of life

Woke up this morning, headed for the bathroom like usual. Sitting there, half asleep, trying to remember my dream.

I become aware of an energy being moving up and down about a foot from my face. About 8 inches wide, reminds me a bit of a wind maker by the flying movement, but of course with no wind.

Then I start thinking about the rod type being I saw the other day at Steve's. Was looking up in the sky, see a dark line kind of drifting and thought it was my eyes adjusting to looking up in the bright sky. Slowly dawned on me it was a rod. It didn't remain rigid, kind of wiggled a bit which was my clue that it was alive. It circled above my head and I lost it when the sun was behind him.

So those are real too. It's hard to deny their existance when you see them with your own eyes.


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