Monday, October 18, 2004

Charged crystals make instant blue skies

For the last month or so when I drove by a certain church, I would feel a pull towards it. Discovered a graveyard behind it. So today was the day for gifting it. First thing that grabbed my attention is how old this cemetery is. And the number of graves marked by obelisks, suggesting it was a Masonic graveyard.

Steve's got someone charging the crystals for his creations now. I will testify that they are much more powerful than the ones we previously made. The minute I put the first one in it's permanent home, the whitened out sky started breaking up with blue sky visible beyond it. Even with all the work we've done, they still manage to whiteout our skies occaisionally using HAARP. We have a theory that they need some moisture in the air before anything will stick.

While planting the second tb, I noticed a police car was now parked near mine. A supervisor at that. Nice cover dude! He was an amateur because he didn't intimidate us in the least. The sky above us cleared up, the energy changed from bad to good, our work here was done.

These pics were taken while laying first tb down. Note the colour of the sky.

I don't know much about these things but most of these look pretty new for those who died in the 1800's. And someone left gifts at the foot of this one. Appears to be a new looking bible, a book in a box that was wearing away, and something gold in a small clear plastic box...could be a charm.

This pic shows one of many obelisks.

This is after burying the 2nd tb. That's me, to the left by that church building. Sky still looks white, right?

When I turned around towards Jen, who was taking the pictures, this is what I saw.

Well that, and a supervisor police cruiser. It didn't occur to me at the time to snap his pic. I was more worried about what to say if we got caught while my dog marked his territory on some headstones than by us gifting.

This one had some interesting symbols on it.

This line of graves told a sad story. All the children died in infancy. The parents headstones have more interesting symbols on them.

Found a new home for another tb, looked up and saw this.

Found another obelisk in the corner of the graveyard with an intriguing symbol. This was the second time seeing this one so we snapped a picture. Note how the sky is still clearing up.

That's my dog at the base of it. He's a bit camera shy because we made him wear that ridiculous suit. He's worried all his doggie friends will laugh and call him names if they recognize him.


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