Sunday, December 12, 2004

Cesco's Coil Cleans the Corridors

I made an unscheduled visit to the hospital this week. What a suspicious place! Why are all these people looking at us from the corner of their eyes?

It was packed when we got there. Didn't take long to clear out though. Cesco's coil was buzzing happily away in my purse. The energy was from it was more intense than usual. My hand would vibrate and buzz when passed over the top of my opened purse. I can only conclude that the extra power was needed.

There were a few weird looks from people for no apparent reason. These 2 guys doing renovations in the hospital were the first to catch my attention. They stood about 10 feet away trying to hold a conversation. You could tell their focus wasn't on that though as their eyes shifted back and forth on us. Then they pretended to be reading a sign on the door of the isolation waiting room with great interest.

I blasted and they walked away in a hurry. They returned a couple more times passing by, always with their heads forward and their eyes looking at us from the side. I kept blasting and eventually they didn't come back. Oh yeah, the sign was simple enough not to warrant all thier attention. Something like "Do not enter unless asked by a nurse."

The most obvious guy arrived in a Dependable IT van. He didn't stop at the registration desk, just proceeded on down to the waiting room and sat directly in front of us so we had a good side view of him. He held a cell phone up in front of him and between sidewards glances at us appeared to be reading text messages from it. Guess he was in such a hurry to sit down he didn't see all those signs that ask for cell phones to be shut down.

My first thought was a reptile by his paranoid eye darts. When I felt him trying to look in my head I knew he was psychic. I sent him a mental message "I know who you are and why you're here" along with a love blast. He bolted up and walked over to the registration area to the sound of my laughter.

A few minutes later he got up some courage and walked by us again as I dared him with my stare to look at me. Hilarious as he looked everywhere but at me. You could tell he was quite nervous. He went back to the registration area just out of my view. From my vantage point view of the exit I could see he didn't leave. So I stood up to investigate his whereabouts. Again he bolted and quickly left through the exit clutching his cell phone to his ear. Haha. Guess he wasn't that sick after all.

It was fun blasting and watching the reactions. Soon enough we ran out of targets. There were only about 6 people in the waiting room when an examing room became available. They put us in a quiet area in the children's section. Now that I think of it, we usually hear unhappy sick children crying or fussing. Not this day. A while later I went back to the reception area to get a snack. It was a full house out there now, as it had been when we walked in. And all these people staring or averting their eyes again. This is just too much fun.

Maybe I should volunteer to work there....hahaha.


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