Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Colossal CB Effort Overseas

From Markus in Switzerland:

Congratulations, its beautiful and enourmous, and going into the lake is a super idea.

Your CB is big, but not the biggest. Go to my site above under "Products-CCB part 1 to 5" to get an idea of what we are doing, and check out the construction of the EUROPEAN CONTINENTAL CLOUDBUSTER, almost terminated. (not that there is any competition for size!) I think we will be able to "turn it on" beginning December.


I stand corrected Markus. Same sized base, 4 inch pipes, times 4. Very inspirational. Good to know we are on the same side and ultimatly we all win. =)

-= Update =- More from Markus:

The CCB is not quite finished, specially the Landscaping. In the middle between the four CBs is placed a big pyramid HHG, which I made already. The german Psychic, that was shown this setup, says that one of these on each continent would bring the earth athmosphere back to its pristine state. I thougt it was worth trying, and it was done on a base of donations.



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