Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Coffee, Tea or Irish Stew?

To all who know me in real life this will come as a shock. I can't stand the taste of Tim Hortons coffee anymore. To understand the depth of my addiction I would go into serious withdrawl if I passed one of these famous Canadian coffee shops without stopping by. Now you can't pay me to drink one.

This drastic change of taste buds occurred literally overnight. One morning in late September I bought one, gagged on it and asked for a replacement. It was just as nasty. Turned me off it for a few days. Same thing next time I went. What have they done to drive loyal customers like me away?? You don't go changing a successful recipe people! I had no choice. I just stopped going and had to get my caffine fix at home. This has proven inconvenient on a few occasions but hey, you do what you gotta do.

Today I was enjoying a well deserved peaceful moment with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. I took a sip and caught myself thinking, it's still bitter, needs a few more minutes on the coaster. That's when it hit me! Duh!!!

I have an orgone coaster made by my good friend Kim that I use daily. Everything tastes smoother if I place it on top for a few moments before drinking. Water, coffee, name it. She warned me though that carbonated beverages would go flat. Had to test that and of course she was right.

Thank you Kim for making my life smoother! (pun intended) =Þ

Oh! And let's not forget about all the money I saved!

For anyone who's interested, Kim's selling these for $20 or 2/$35 Canadian Funds.


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