Sunday, December 12, 2004

Reptoid Bating

From C. in Texas:

I've been running around my daily life with cbsworks's reptoid repellant in my pocket for weeks and have seen nothing until a trip to the mall with E. on Saturday.

It started in the game store. The damn thing started to pulsate in my hand!!!!! (E. felt it too.) I kept hold of it the entire time we were in the mall and suddenly I was hit with the clarity of mind I never could have imagined. THEY know we know, and they hate us for it.

No I didn't see any shifts although one woman left the table next to us in the food court really quick, unable to choke down her Taco Bell but the hatred I felt from the dark eyed ones was unmistakable. I wasn't able to blast any of them because I just couldn't get over how much they hate us.


I know that feeling your talking about C. When I was shopping for winter hats, I stepped back from the display to get a good view of all of them. I was aware of a child sitting on the floor beside me and was careful not to step on her. Having made my selection I walked away and glanced at the child, about 10 years old, eyes all black as coal and streaming out pure hatred. I couldn't help myself, I laughed out loud. I didn't think to blast either partly I guess due to having the giggles.

While relating that to Steve Baron, he reminded me of the time while waiting in line at the post office a black eyed man turned around and glared hatred at him. His response was the same as mine, laughter.

You only need to experience them once to know for sure they're real.


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