Saturday, November 27, 2004

Re-examining 911

Still believe 911 was caused by Arab terrorists?

I was reminded of this web site via email, my favorite one focusing on the truth of what really happened that day.

Lots of compelling info there.

Another good one is the french site Hunt the Boeing in pentagon photos.


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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Colossal CB Effort Overseas

From Markus in Switzerland:

Congratulations, its beautiful and enourmous, and going into the lake is a super idea.

Your CB is big, but not the biggest. Go to my site above under "Products-CCB part 1 to 5" to get an idea of what we are doing, and check out the construction of the EUROPEAN CONTINENTAL CLOUDBUSTER, almost terminated. (not that there is any competition for size!) I think we will be able to "turn it on" beginning December.


I stand corrected Markus. Same sized base, 4 inch pipes, times 4. Very inspirational. Good to know we are on the same side and ultimatly we all win. =)

-= Update =- More from Markus:

The CCB is not quite finished, specially the Landscaping. In the middle between the four CBs is placed a big pyramid HHG, which I made already. The german Psychic, that was shown this setup, says that one of these on each continent would bring the earth athmosphere back to its pristine state. I thougt it was worth trying, and it was done on a base of donations.



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Wish I could say otherwise but

I feel I need to make some clarifications. I did not participate in the making of this cb, just reporting it.

Steve Baron paid for and arranged this mega cb for Lake Ontario. That's no small feat. Yes, some of his friends helped him create it, but he sponsored it. His belief in the necessity to orgonize the world is unyielding. He puts his money where his mouth is. He is my inspiration when it comes to selflessness and gifting. You've not heard the half of what he has accomplished, I assure you. Humbly I tell you it is due to Steve's generosity in arming me with tb's, hhg's and earthpipes why I've been able to gift as I have.

The moment he started making this particular cb, October 30th, the sky went from white out to clear blue with not one cloud for as far as the eye could see in a matter of minutes, well over a hundred miles. I witnessed this spectacular phenomenon while running errands and knew instantly it was connected to what Steve and friends where doing, only I thought this was a sign he had completed it. I wish I had a video camera aimed at the sky while it was happening. Amazing! I was in awe at how quickly the sky cleared. By the time I got there, everything was under control. My kids and I were more in the way than a help. When I found out it had just been started when the skies cleared, I knew he was in good hands.

The day I met him he told me how he had already been gifting Lake Ontario. His gifting was instrumental in clearing the water in the beaches of Toronto and is well documented at When you see the e.coli numbers climbing in the charts of daily tests throughout the past summers, know that was the city's own doing. He witnessed pure unfiltered human waste being pumped back into the lake from one of their treatment centers near Steve's home. The stench was unbearable, I'll attest to that. A lesser person may have given up. Not Steve, he upped his gifting efforts. He's the true hero here of which I for one am truly grateful.


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Rock Stars

I was watching the reptoid featured movie "Rock Stars" this morning, looking for the shifts and such. A thought occurred to me after seeing one scene with burnt toast and coffee. Do reptoids eat and digest "human" food? I know they prefer blood and babies, but I wonder what effect meat and potatoes has on their digestive tracks. I also wonder if that has anything to do with them staying thin.
Something else I noticed when movies try to manipulate my emotions..the chills I feel start in my lower body.


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Monday, November 22, 2004

Getting it on the inside.

Some of our disguised orgone creations. Great for getting into peoples homes, offices and classrooms. All made with sand toy or play-doh molds and plenty of love.

-= Bunny =-

-= Crab aka Smiley Joe =-

-= Fish =-

-= Lady Bug =-

-= Star =-

-= Turtle =-


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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Mega CB in 3D! - Updated

These are from the mega cb sponsored and built by Steve Baron that was launched into Lake Ontario November 1st.

=- The designing stage -=
Deciding on crystal arrangements to go into cb.

=- The creation stages -=
Note the two inch hematite and 5 inch smokey quartz.

=- Adding the copper pipes -=

=- Welding the pipes -=
Steve and Tom doing the dirty work. Note forklift was required to lift the base.

=- Mission Accomplished -=
CB complete!

=- Loaded on Trailer -=
Ready for delivery to the tugboat hired to release this mega cb to it's final resting place in Lake Ontario. Note the uninvited police cars who showed up for questioning.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You folks ROCK! I love the page by page illustration of your CB. I am in Lake Tahoe/Reno/Carson NV area building hhgs, chembusters, & others forms of orgonite.

We have been getting hit hard by chemtrails this summer. The likes of which we have never seen before.

I am inspired to build more! Thanks for posting your pics. I needed this UP!

12/09/2004 4:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would that I could. I'm poor in pocket but willing to scrounge for parts and someday, saved-up cash, buy or build a Croft CtBuster myself. I've been reading and a lot of other sites too, for awhile now. I'm in over-clouded San Diego, California and while I don't know the who, I know there's others here who are working on the clean up process of this mess. Your accomplishment is wonderful to see. Keep up the good work! SylphLover

3/05/2007 4:53 AM  
Blogger 1221cusp said...


I have been trying to find a way to get in touch with fellow Canadians in Ontario!

I am going to make some TB's for London ONT and area.

1/15/2008 9:40 PM  
Blogger 1221cusp said...


I live very close, down near London Ont actually.

I am going to be making some TBs for this area :)

1/15/2008 9:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've had a CTbuster CB on my east - looking balconey since mid-2006 and holy hand grenades and tbs all over the apt and been gifting, too since about Aug'06 when I could afford right-cheer in San Diego,CA and a Powerwand works wonders against predators and a Succor Punch is handy always. Hey, don't b2 proud, collect aluminum cans, pays almost $2 per lb. B-glad U get that;I started at $00.10 per lb! happyjim

11/30/2008 6:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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when will people wake up

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6/27/2011 7:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6/27/2011 7:05 AM  

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Saturday, November 20, 2004

RFID Tags - Search and Destroy

I'm tired of hearing the fearmongers warn us of impending doom and gloom regarding RFID tags from privacy advocates spouting civil liberties violations without offering counter measures or solutions to the problem instead.

Has anyone done tests to see if a zapchecker or similar device can locate RFID tags in consumer purchases? Are there any other devices that would alert consumers to the presence of RFID tags?

Has anyone done tests to see if microwaving, using neodymium magnets or anything else that can destroy RFID tags?

I'd be interested in reading the outcome. I'd try the tests myself but I lack a zapchecker and haven't managed to find a RFID tag to test on.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, microwaving will cause a rfid chip to explode.
This has been done with the new colored us $20 bills and euro notes.

11/22/2004 2:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just demonstrated to a friend the exploding of the rfid chip in a 5 Euro note, in the microvave of a neighbour: Low to middle setting (so as not to burn the whole bill). after 6 to 8 seconds, there is a pop, and some smoke. The bill then shows a neat little hole right in the metal stip that runs accross it.

11/24/2004 4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zapchecker RF signal strength meter..
Model ZC 185. This is a hand held device with a localized and larger area. Just got one from Spytech 2005
Yonge street Toronto...
Clothes hangers, Suite coat collars, industrial mass produced goods, seem to carry a mysterious detectable signal. The whole downtown seems to blanketed in heavy wifi. any one else find stuff in there home?

10/07/2011 11:38 PM  

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Friday, November 12, 2004

Cesco's Little Secret Cleans Up

I went to my children's school for a rememberance day presentation. I like to travel with some protection, usually my SP, but decided to move the terminator over to the litte secret as it fit in my pocket better.

At the school assembly, things went well. The skits the children did were all presented well. The children were attentive, orderly and kind. Usually a few hundred kids would be a little noisy and full of energy. Not this day. I looked for orgone sparkles in the gym but couldn't locate any. That doesn't mean they weren't there as I see orgone best against a bright sky. I did see a light fog spread through the room.

At the end of the presentation, with my hand on the little secret, I asked the principal what his secret was for such a well behaved audience. He said I don't know, they're not usually like this. Must be the theme of the day.

Maybe he's right. But I don't think those children fully understood the somberness of the reality that people many years ago fought for their freedom. I say this because they were too busy smiling.

Yes, I believe the littel secret can clear a whole room. =)


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Monday, November 08, 2004

Boy Scouts & Girl Guides

I asked Don:

What do you know of Robert Baden-Powell founder of Boy Scouts & Girl Guides?

The reason I asked is my younger girls asked to join Girl Guides this year. I agreed thinking they will learn skills, make friends and have something fun to do. However, I find the themes a bit disturbing.

They open their meetings in a circle around a toad stool and owls. Fairies, elves, gnomes, dryads, nymphs...shaking hands with your left hand, holding 3 fingers in the air.... That's the thing about gifting, you start to see the world in a whole different way.

We went to a Remembrance Day Parade on Sunday with the Girl Guides. Coincidentally it ran from the Royal Canadian Legion to the graveyard we gifted a few weeks ago. That's where the ceremony was held. In attendance was Police, Firefighters, Knights of Columbus, Boy Scouts, Cadets, Cubs, and among others, the Mayor.

The sky was whitened out so I was glad I'd brought my SP and some orgone in my purse. I got in that good feeling and muttered over and over again under my breath "Yahweh" with the intention of clearing the sky and revealing any reptilians that may be present.

As sometimes happens when I do this, I saw white streams of smoke come out of my mouth. The weather wasn't cold enough for it to be normal vapor.

The sky cleared pretty quickly, then I noticed some HAARP clouds moving in. I kept up my "prayer" and while I did notice a few people staring at me, I didn't see any other signs of reptilians.

After the ceremony we marched back to the Legion for hot dogs & soda. I overheard one parent ask another "did you see all those guys that fainted??" Ahahahaha. Wish I had! A bit later he pointed to one guy with a scraped forehead from when he fell. I recognized him as the bugle boy who was standing directly over a spot I had gifted on a previous visit there!

I caught one guy staring at me who was standing on the other side of gathering while I was blasting. I met the same man in the grocery store that evening and made a point of smiling sweetly and saying hello to him as he was in a hurry to get out. I wonder why he was in such a hurry? (Cue the innocent eyes looking upwards while whistling softly).

Funny, Kevin asked why do we have to park so far away and there are always so many more parking spots when we leave, even when we are only shopping for a few minutes? Good question. I'll be more observant of the exit next time.

So, I asked because I was debating if I should pull the girls out of Guides. I'm pretty sure most of the women and girls involved that I've met have good intentions, but the symbolism of it all bothered me. Don's reply put it all in prospective. I think it's worth sharing. We needn't be overly worried about symbolism when we are aware of higher truths. I've decided to leave them as long as they enjoy it.

Don's reply:

You bet Baden-Powell was a satanic mason, Anne. Good work on the reptiles, by the way! It's fascinating that they chose the cemetery, perhaps to get some of their power back through a ceremony there. Have other parades ended up there? Even innocuous ceremonies empower the satanists/masons, especially when they're performed in power spots..

It's your call whether to pull your girls out of there. As we know, there's not a thing wrong with elementals but just because they talk about them doesn't mean the elementals favor Baden Powell

It's interesting that the elementals are mentioned in the Girl Guide context but not in the Boy Scout stuff. The Boy Scouts are more about noble savages, I think

After all, look at all the mayhem that's been done in Jesus' Name. He doesn't sponsor or condone ANY of that, I'm sure.

I've never noticed this particular graveyard until the day it 'called me' last month, so I've no way of knowing what they used it for in the past. What I do know is that it's used by masons. I also know we took the wind out of their sails by gifting there and being present for their latest ceremony couldn't have pleased them any. But the fact they still held the party there tells me more work is to be done, just to be on the safe side. A few earth pipes ought to do the trick.

Power spots. I get it! I'll keep my eyes and ears open for where these types of events are held. The Santa Clause/Christmas parades will be coming up soon. I think it would be cool if we all take note of their routes and thoroughly gift them, particularly the start and ending locations.

Can't think of a nicer gift for all the folks coming together to "share the spirit of Christmas". Let's give them enough love to last them a life time.


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